AI generated art has just generated a new genre of art! 

That may sound like an inception-esque concept or a smart word game, one of the Real Eyes Realize Real Lies type of, but it’s not. At least not in its pure sense, with no words in it, but the playfulness hasn’t vanished, it’s there to stay.

Though the form of the art may not be that new to the world, its use-cases are way out of this world. It all started quite some time ago with a Dutch designer named MC Escher. Escher is most famous for his so-called impossible constructions, Ascending and Descending’s staircase, Relativity or his Transformation prints, to name a few. Truly inspired by mathematics, the amazing artist, sometimes called the master of illusion, once said in a lecture on The Impossible, declared:

“If you want to express something impossible, you must keep to certain rules. The element of mystery to which you want to draw attention should be surrounded and veiled by a quite obvious, readily recognisable commonness.”

(src: The Guardian)

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All this took place back in the middle of last century, it’s year 2023, we have generative AI and plenty of talented artist working they way through arts and mathematics, the Escher way. At one point somebody must have come up with something new. They did, MrUgleh did, and the Internet went nuts! The initial art of the very talented, yet super modest creator, born by using Stable Diffusion, was liked, commented and shared by tens of thousands of people all over the place. No surprise. Just check it out. 

artist: MrUgleh / source: X

How? Spin it till you get it xD But seriously, it was trial and error like always, the author used a personal merge of Realistic Vision 5 and AOM3. As he says, the real magic is here, in a tool by Hugging Face anybody can have a go with, which uses QR code conditioned controlnet mimicking the illusion effect. Check it out here

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“I dust off my Twitter to say… I appreciate all the positive feedback toward AI art, I do not plan on making money from my latest generations, and I will not be doing any official interviews. I am just a normal tech-savvy AI nerd who experimented with a new controlnet technique.”

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MrUgleh, himself, as mentioned as talented and modest as he is, has also shared his original workflow on reddit. Thank you, Sir!

The whole trend is incredible, not only due to the fact that it looks cool as hell, or for it even was named Controllism, but also because it may actually turn out to be useful, with the QR codes themselves and what not. We have already been sharing some of the initial concepts in the past AI-generated QR codes are taking over in 3,2,1… « essentialist.

“Controllism is such a good name for AI art that uses the control net plugin.”

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Staying on top of this movement is incredibly interesting, the creativity of the AI talents is way out of the box on this. We are so amazed. Want some?

artist: Denis Rossiev (AR/AI) / source: X

artist: KREA AI / source: X

artist: ramaruro / source: X

artist: Dreaming Tulpa / source: X

artist: Pietro Schirano / source: X

and more hidden branding. How cool is this!

artist: Astria / source: Web