AI-powered AR Lenses? Yes, Snapchat is right on it, TikTok too.

Snapchat has officially debuted with generative AI powered Lenses by rolling out the new ‘Cosmic Lens’. As you can expect it turns the user and their surroundings into something… this time into something of an animated sci-fi scene. Though, for now it may not be as amazing when it comes to its design as millions of other Lenses are, combing generative AI with AR could turn out to be a milestone in the way platform interacts with the users and vice versa. This is for sure something we should be looking forward to.

Snapchat ‘Cosmic Lens’ / source: Snapchat

In addition to that, the platform has also fired off a new way of suggesting users the context-relevant Lenses based on analyzing their camera view or the data it can get from their phones like time and weather to adjust the suggestions. The numbers speak for themselves here, with more than 3 million Lenses built by more than 300k creators and more than 10 billion views of the most popular Lenses, there is a massive potential here to take the benefit from. Or, if we look at it from a bit different perspective, Snapchat really has no other choice, adjust or… what?! What else is there? AI is the inevitable future for all social media platforms. We’re happy to see the leading AR player is right on time with their move, with Tik Tok and its hyper successful AI-powered “Bold Glamour” filter just a bit ahead.

TikTok ‘Bold Glamour’ / source: TikTok msxannie

‘AI and AR are deeply interconnected, powering a new spectrum of creative possibilities,’

‘Our vision is to weave computing seamlessly into the world — and support our vibrant community of AR creators, developers and partners.’

Snap CTO Bobby Murphy explained during the annual Snap Partner Summit held this week.