Gen:48 an AI film competition by Runway

October 21st could be the date that has changed the movie industry forever, it has already changed to be honest looking at some of the submitted creatives, but on that day Runway has launched their 1st edition of 48 hrs short AI Film Competition. A two-day event in which AI filmmakers collaborated to produce short AI films, being given extra credits of 300,000 units, to be utilized on the RunwayML platform, free 30-day access to Epidemic Sound’s catalog of high-quality music and next-generation soundtracking tools and on top of it the winning team will be awarded a prize of $5,000 USD. Why this could be a milestone for the industry? The competition is not only a great opportunity for the creators to show off their unique skills but also to get recognised by some of the biggest players like YouTube, Epidemic Sound, or Coca-Cola who officially support the Runway’s initiative. All films are now being reviewed and finalists will be revealed here for public voting on 10/27 at 9 am EST. Stay tuned and keep an eye on the results here.

In the meantime, check out some of the submitted shorts. The highest level of creativity is here, within your reach!

artist: Jamie / title: Exclusive BTS of @runwayml headquarters for the next 96 hours reviewing the hundreds of #Gen48 submission / source: X

artist: Roope Rainisto / title: THE HOTLINE / source: X

artist: Nicolas Neubert / title: POLARIS / source: X

artist: Ben Nash / title: To the Top / source: X

artist: Martin Gent / source: X

artist: Julie W. Design / title: HOLD THE LINE / source: X

artist: Steve Mills / title: Time Vortex: Chapter 0 / source: X

artist: VikkiBardot.eth / title: OLD SOUL: Journal of a time traveller / source: X

If you want to see more of the great works submitted please jump over to Runway’s discord here. Don’t forget to take the popcorn.