Pika it is!

It’s not just the name that stands out here, even though it is one of the cutest, nor the very description of the company, which by the way is super on-point and uber clever, it is Pika’s latest release that swept away any other Ai related topic on the 28th of November. What is Pika? We’re not talking the tiny mammal, we’re talking that idea-to-video platform that brings creativity to motion. When you ask Google they will say Pika is an AI video platform that allows anyone to bring their creative vision to life. And this is exactly what we have been presented with today. Ladies and gentlemen here it is, Pika 1.0!

The company is rolling out to new users on web and discord, starting today. You can sign up at https://pika.art

“When we started Pika six months ago, we wanted to push the boundaries of technology and design a future interface of video making that is effortless and accessible to everyone. Since then, we’re proud to have grown the Pika community to half a million users, who are generating millions of videos per week.

Our vision for Pika is to enable everyone to be the director of their own stories and to bring out the creator in each of us. Today, we reached a milestone that brings us closer to our vision. We are thrilled to unveil Pika 1.0, a major product upgrade that includes a new AI model capable of generating and editing videos in diverse styles such as3D animation, anime, cartoon and cinematic, and a new web experience that makes it easier to use…”

What is so exciting about it? Well, if the user is able to upload their own video and make the use of generative AI in a way where they edit parts of it or remake the scene, expand or redesign then it is a ground braking technology. It’s not just about how everybody is going to be movie directors now, it’s about the market change the technology will cause, just imagine how rapidly the advertising costs are going to come down. And this is just the start. Let’s all just recall what was the state of the art a few months back, we are lightyears ahead now. As Andrej Karpathy, former Tesla’s director of AI said:

“…Every human becomes a director of multi-modal dreams, like the architect in Inception.

Coming back to Earth for a second, image/video generation is a perfect match for data-hungry neural nets because data is plentiful, and the pixels of each image or video are a huge source of bits (soft constraints) on the parameters of the network. When you’re training giant neural nets in supervision-rich settings, your train loss = validation loss, and life is so good.”

Looking forward to seeing some of the first creatives. Would 2024 be the year of video? It is pretty obvious, isn’t it?