VIDEO DIGEST: WES ANDERSON EVERYTHING, the Voyage Of The Magano & What Do You Dream About?

Unique visuals, narrative styles, and frequent use of ensemble casts, does that sound familiar? Not quite there yet? How about: that vintage flair, bold colour scheme and keen costume design called by some a formalism. YES! It’s Wes Anderson. It’s distinctive in a way where you can tell it from a distance. With the recent development of generative AI in creating videos, its enthusiast are head over heels with remaking variety of different well-known titles the Anderson way. And AI is able to work magic in this field. By employing colour to an extraordinary degree, setting specific level of brightness, saturation and hue, and even keeping beloved symmetry in any possible shot, Wes Anderson will be forced to tell us soon what is his original work and what isn’t. To give you an example of some of the best, see the ‚pocket’ super productions below, or trailers to be precise. Like the one starring Timothy Chalamet as Luke, and Edward Norton as Han Solo, the incredible @CuriousRefuge creation of Star Wars as if Wes Anderson made it.

artist: @CuriousRefuge / source: Twitter

That would be fun to watch and the fun has just began. How about The Lord of the Rings starring Bill Murray as Gandlaf, Jeff Goldblum as Elrond, Willam Dafoe as Gollum and Owen Wilson as Sauron to name a few.

artist: @CuriousRefuge / source: Twitter

The curious folks, obsessed with having fun, are taking the AI video game level up and release another AI generated movie trailer, this time they combine the cinematic styles of two giants, Wes Anderson and James Cameron. The Peculiar Pandora Expedition, starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Adrian Brody. Can’t get enough of it.

artist: @CuriousRefuge / source: Twitter

If this is the future of cinema, then we should expect the unexpected. What really stands out here is the proof of countless possibilities and the time efficiency the generative AI provides, especially in concept art.

Runway ML gives access to such creation possibilities that nobody ever thought would be even possible, while Gen-2 is on its way to get launched very soon, some of the creators got early access to it, like Steve Mills and his recent work „The Voyage Of The Magano” narrated by Michael Firocho. All shots were created with Gen 2 Runway ML, audio created in one single generation from Bark Infinity. As the author claims it is not perfect, but getting somewhere. We would call the somewhere future. Way to go sir.

artist: Steve Mills / source: Twitter

A multi-modal AI system that can generate novel videos with text, images, or video clips. … No lights. No camera. All action, in other words The Gen-2 Runway ML, has been put to test by another creative mind, animation director and A/V artist, Emma Catnip (@emmacatnip) but this time its illustrative superpowers. We have to say it out loud it rocks every single time! A surreal short entitles ‘What Do You Dream About?’, co-directed with Gen-2.

artist: @emmacatnip/ source: Twitter

If you’re interested in 4k version of it go see the video on Emma’s YT channel here. Mindblowing.