The world’s first AI artist

Who would have thought that the world’s first AI artist was born nearly 100 years ago. Meet Harold Cohen, a British-born artist, painter, printmaker and designer of textiles but most importantly a pioneer of generative art and Artificial Intelligence.


Usually, individuals opt for detailed prompts in hopes of getting the exact image they’re looking for. Yet, on occasion, embracing ambiguity can yield striking and unforeseen visuals.

Poems round the clock.

Imagine a clock that instead of simply telling you what time it is, rhymes it, every minute differently! Reading ‘poetry’ has never felt so exciting and accessible.

Beauty and The Beast

Dove has launched a campaign addressing the bias of beauty in GenAI. But rather than just producing an ad like they did 20 years ago, the brand took a big step forward setting out on a mission to begin the be real era.


an AI ode to cats…


Immerse yourself in a world where color and patterns reigns supreme. Kvetcch’s art is like an underground record collection, blending street culture, music and fashion with a touch of eccentricity. Can you dig it?

TERRA, the AI-powered companion of every wanderer.

AI-powered, pocket-sized gadget that guides you along a route using haptic feedback and a subtle graphic interface like a compass needle, phone-free.


If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere – Laura Ingalls Wilder

On These Streets of Post-Photography with Andrea Ciulu.

As long as you need a camera to play the photography game, it’s not necessarily a must-have in the post-photography world. It’s not that you don’t take pictures at all, exactly opposite; you do take them, but with a variety of different means. Interested to see how?


The enchantment of 35mm, Polaroid, or the classic 120 medium format is unparalleled, evoke those nostalgic vibes that resonate deeply but shoot pics not, prompt them out!