The magnificent Magnific

Some time ago, you may remember actually, we have shared an experimental point and click adventure game anthology series called Echoes of Somewhere, developed by a group of game industry veterans led by Jussi Kemppainen relying heavily on AI generated content. It is still on, big time now as the dev magicians just got a new tool in their pockets, and it’s magnificent. A newcomer called Magnific AI juts got themselves right in the spotlight for their image upscaling capabilities. Unlike anything seen before. Just take a look.

“The new @Magnific_AI from @javilopen is used to process most of the art for Echoes of Somewhere!”

The detailed hands-on experience of transforming the lower resolution background images for the game and upscaling with Magnific AI to massive 4k+ resolution has been shared on the dev blog here. But first things first: what is this Magnific AI?

It is, as the founder, a well known and accomplished AI creator, Javi Lopez says it is “the most advanced AI tech to achieve insanely high-res upscaling. Not only upscale, enhance! Magnific can hallucinate and reimagine as many details as you wish guided by your own prompt and parameters!” It’s a tool for a variety of different users, really, starting from the very obvious, like photographers, via photo editors, illustrators and digital artist to movie makers and game developers, for all those who are simply looking to enhance the details and quality of their visuals.

There are four enhancement modes; there is the upscale mode which sharpens the resolution, enhance mode that boosts colors, denoise mode used to get rid of the grain, and deJPEG mode that corrects pixelation in JPEGs. Très magnifique, but really? Let’s take a look at what some other creators say.

“the future is generated.
went from Midjourney, to Magnific_AI (upscaling twice à 2x) to Photoshop – a difference of day and night, and a size I could literally use for an OOH campaign”

“Ok, I broke down and got a subscription after all and let me tell you, this thing is absolutely mindblowin”

” Midjourney + Magnific AI. exploring the new upscaling tool that does more than just upscale”

“Okay, so I guess this is the best I can do with @Magnific_AI, @Photoshop, and our @letz_ai enterprise models. Now show me a more photorealistic synthography.”

It is pretty clear, the name speaks for itself. No doubts about it.