Hello, how are you? I am under the water, please help me.

Dive deep into the underwater world of prompts here, take rest from overstimulation. Fair winds and following seas. Aye aye…

AI BITS: MEGA MEGA PIXELS of UPSCALING, Spotify’s Deep real voiceovers, Meta’s bet on Snoop Dogg, the scary/incredible live show visuals

Todays bits are about pushing the boundaries, again, the ones of image quality, voiceovers, sound and live visuals. Pinch us pls, are we dreaming?!


This is not going to be a story of the good’ol Al Bundy (you do know him, right?), nor about the all-mighty king of the shoe game Phil Knight (that one is a must-know), this is going to be about those talented individuals who devote themselves to the footwear design (these are yet to be introduced).


For the love of the art, we start with the meeting of masters, then move on to the talk of the blocks of flats and unknown diaries, only to end up with some party and football lovers.


We may have just found a space where lost and forgotten puppets may have been hiding for years. Look carefully and you may as well find Mr Squiggle somewhere, chances are you won’t be able to meet the Big Bird. Let’s give it a try!

PROMPT SELECTION: /imagine prompt [anything] LSD

Here it comes… the LSD art! The generative AI has already been ridding that Hofmann’s bike. Peace and harmony within!

A new series from Runway Studios: humans talking about creativity and AI.

Creatives Getting Coffee, or Creative Dialogues, where two creatives come together to talk about AI, discussing everything from the advent of film to the indestructible nature of human creativity.

AI BITS: Hogwarts portraits, Deepfakes & The Waldo Moment, 100 years of Star Wars, Jesus selfie behind the stage.

Bit by bit: how to advertise products 24/7, are the talking Hogwarts portraits available yet, Luke Skywalker is older than you might think, and behind the scenes of Jesus selfie (almost).


Eyes, they say, are the windows of the souls. Do you think it is true? Whose soul it is, if it’s AI generated? Some food for thought here. Now, all eyes on me please.


It’s a typical lunch brake, morning commute or a lazy evening on a sofa. Nothing special. You are busy scrolling through your X feed, or Instagram and out of a sudden among loads of other content you notice this extraordinary image, piece of art really. Hold on! Who’s done it? Is it AI generated? How? This is the ‘how’ nobody asked for but everybody needed.